Exposition and Publication

2024: August: Juror of  Global Photography Awards

2024 May : Juror of London Photography Awards 2024

2024 March: Juror of Muse Photography Awards 2024

2023 : Member of International Jury panel of International Awards Associate

2023 December: Juror of New York Photography Awards 2023

2023 August: Juror of European Photography Awards 2023

2023 March: Juror of Muse Photography Awards 2023

2022  Juror of the New York Photography Awards

Summer 2021

My Artwork “Hands/Language/Work” (red version)has been featured  in Saatchi Art Featured Photography collection


Thanks to Condivisione Democratica  for this interview in the June issue


My artwork “Inner Monologue” has been featured by Saatchi Art in New This Week Collection and In Best Seller > Best of May collection


My Artwork “Inner monologue” has been selected and  included in a Saatchi Art Collection


My Artwork  “A un passo dalle stelle” has been selected and  included in a  Saatchi art Collection


Virali,  scatti d’autore per l’altro Covid raccolta fondi a sostegno del Policlinico di Milano Viraliweb.com


6/ 2019-
Solo art exposition “Surrealtá”  in a Private house/
terrace Alicante- Spain

Screenings of 20 artworks aboard a yacht of an art collector in Puerto Banús- Spain and vernissage opening summer season

24 -01-2017  My artwork ” Portrait  ” has been selected and approved by Saatchi Gallery of London and is in rotation on the screen of Saatchi Gallery London, with other my two artwork approved earlier. The Artwork have been present on the Saatchi Gallery London screen for six years, now the Saatchi screen project its closed.

12-06-2016   An Artist Spotlight on me on Professional Artist Magazine

21-01-2015: My artwork “Nè veglia nè sonno” included in the ebook “Vita Morte Vita” that i made with Nives Nissi who wrote the poems has been approved by Saatchi Gallery of London and is  displayed in rotation with other selected artworks on the screen of the prestigious Saatchi Gallery included also my ” Immaterial lightness of white (l’immateriale leggerezza del bianco)” already approved earlier. The Artworks have been present on the Saatchi Gallery London screen for six years, now the Saatchi screen project its closed.

11-2015  Selected by Lens Culture for a portfolio account-invitation only

2015 :Ebook “Vita Morte Vita”
artworks: Alessandra Minotti
poems: Nives Nissi
currently on sale on many ebook store on line as amazon, feltrinelli, ibooks, googlebooks etc and on
my website

2014: “The immaterial lightness of white” ( l’ immateriale leggerezza del bianco) is displayed with other works on the screen at the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery London

2013 : Premio Art Abitart -(1° step)

Hotel Art Abitart- Design Hotel
Via P.Matteucci 10/20 00154 Roma (Metro Piramide) Italy. With the artworks” Frammenti
di memorie (dopo Auschwitz) and “L’immateriale
leggerezza del bianco”

2013: Marzo,  Publication inside Art Magazine
Artantis.info with the opera

 2013: Dal 15 al 20 Marzo in Art Caffè Letterario in via Ostiense 95 Rome (it) LDD legitim defence
dossier, without border party, against violence on women.
XXDonna- Art exposition with the opera ” Perfect Futuristic Bionic Woman”

2013(8 months) : The artworks: “INFANTILE”, ” L’IMMATERIALE LEGGEREZZA DEL BIANCO”, “IL PURO CILINDRICO COMPATTO”, “FRAMMENTI DI MEMORIE (dopo Auschwitz),they were exposed and for sale at design showroom “FIRST HOUSE” via Chiana Rome Italy

 24 May 2013 UNICEF Arte-Roberta smile’s for UNICEF Project “Fight against maternal and infant mortality”in   Afghanistan”the event will be held in Milazzo (Me) on days 24 to 27 may 2013. This edition also this  year will be housed in The Glass Room Paladiana in the Municipality of Milazzo (ME)

2012  Alessandra Minotti personal monograph of some selected artworks book/catalogue

Limited edition of 500 copies in “BROSSURA”
Artworks by Alessandra Minotti © art graphic
Reviews  by the Critic and
Art Historian Laura Fanti

2012 Publication of two of my artworks in the book of Giorgio Bonomi ” Il corpo solitario: l’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea Edizioni Rubettino

2012 :Opening Teatro Parco delle Arti L’Aquila
exsposition of the artworks“SHE WEAR HIS

2012: Alessandra Minotti showed from 5 till18
october 2012 in Rome (it)
for the first edition Premium Art Caffè
Letterario of Rome, in Via Ostiense 95 the artwork

2012  Premio Celeste, category :Photography and Graphic, with the opera “INFANTILE”

In 1994 I started my activity in my analogue photographic laboratory of development, printing and photographic services in Rome, Italy, from 1994 
professional photo shoots and development and printing, book, artwork on demand and art exposition. I worked in Rome till 2013 . Since 2013 to end 2020 I lived and worked in Spain, Benidorm, Alacant. 



Please, respect copyright of Alessandra Minotti

Respect Alessandra Minotti © Copyright, Please!