XX Woman, against violence on woman


Violence on woman is an issue that has always been at the heart.
Indifference and fiction does not interest me,in cases such as these  The violence is both physical and psychological, this last often has worse consequences. In March 2013, the curators Pamela Cento  and Sonia Mazzoli asked me if I could attend the event LDD legitimate defense dossier without frontiers party XX Woman, to combat violence against women, with my artwork to tema.I accepted immediately, it was not just an  art exposition , but an event under the Patronage of  municipality of Rome, with discussions with politicians, psychologists and representatives of law enforcement. The  Exposition was dedicated to women and their discrimination, to his battle and his victories, his strength and his weakness. The title of exposition XXWoman refers to the female chromosome An exhibition entirely dedicated to the Universe-Woman confluence of the works of forty artists, including myself implemented through the different languages of art:

The event was produced by the Cultural Artistic GLASSES BLUE ( Vetri Blu) and Mazzoli  & Cento Production Arts and Communication, in collaboration with the Art Caffè Letterario, Via Ostiense 95 Roma, Italy , and the moral support of: ORDER OF PSYCHOLOGISTS OF LAZIO Association NO MEANS NO, (No vuol dire No)Convention NO MORE, Pangea Foundation, Association REAL, MAREL Association, Association of our Dreams.

Event that was  streamed live worldwide.

The artwork I created for this project is called “Perfect Futuristic Bionic Woman”




“Perfect Futuristic Bionic Woman”

cm 80×80 Dibond




Some photo of the event of personality that took part at the event LDD and me and my artwork


Among the personalities who attended the event in addition to the artists exponents :

On. Roberta Agostini Responsabile Nazionale Pari Opportunità; Avv. Stefania Carusi Legale; On. Anna Paola Concia Parlamentare; On. Maria Coscia Parlamentare; Dott.ssa Livia De Pietro Membro Assemblea Regionale del PD; Dott.ssa Sara Del Lungo Consigliere dell’ Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio; On. Sandro Gozi Responsabile delle Politiche Europee; Sig.ra Tina Ianniello Madre di Veronica Abbate uccisa dal fidanzato nel 2006 a Mondragone – Fondatrice dell’associazione V.E.R.I.; Dott.ssa  Lorena La Spina Vice Segretario Nazionale Vicario dell’Associazione Nazionale Funzionari di Polizia; Dott. Dario Nanni Consigliere Comunale Roma Capitale; Presidente Irene  Pivetti Politica, Giornalista; Dott.ssa Claudia Signoretti Fondazione Pangea, Convenzione No More; Console Irena Todorova Repubblica di Bulgaria in Italia; On. Jean-Léonard Touadi  Politico, Accademico, Scrittore e Giornalista; Avv. Giovanna Valenza  Legale.