Walking in U.S.A.

I recently returned from the U.S.A . I reach three states of U.S.A : New York, Las Vegas

in Nevada and Miami in Florida, I did not had very long time and for two days i got an high

fever in Miami so i really seen  few than New York and Las Vegas.

I called this series WALKING IN U.S.A, because i walked a lot for many kilometers

up to injure my feet, and i took many transports especially in New York that only of subway

has 26 lines.

I walked for days and nights with a weight on me of a bag of 6 kg with the photographic

equipment and it was not certain relaxing.

I can say that i immediately loved New York, despite the cold and the terrible wind that

made difficult some photo shoots.

I found New York and New Yorker’s  very energizing and friendly .

After New York i went in Nevada, Las Vegas the city of lights that never sleep.

photographed in the night.

All photos has been shooted with a Nikon D 800+ 16mm AFD f 2.8+ 50mm f 1.2 + 85mm AFD f 1.4  Nikon lens

almost all photos has been shooted in manual mode. Photo by Alessandra Minotti Copyright by Alessandra Minotti © artgraphic


New York series


Las Vegas series