Perceptible beauty

    ” Photographing with a more mystical vision”…



This is an incomplete project, born by necessity to photographing observing with another point of view, different, almost mystic, searching and finding also the soul of the things photographed

Mystic and mythological atmosphere, in this place in South Spain near Alicante, where you can suddenly admire carved rocks on sea,  of rare beauty, that seem induce us to forget for awhile ‘the one who really and scientifically should be due, corrosion, water, wind. It is a natural and surreal paradise, the one that nature make year by year whit his climate change. A series of imagines that I realized “Perceptible Beauty” remind at times the carved rocks in Rothéneuf in Brittany. They look like wild, animalistic and almost human. Seems living stones very nearly speakers were the link between nature, man and divine is perceived in strong way, communicates in alchemical level. The nature has carved in a almost magic way leaving to posterity the sign of mysterious people of a disappeared civilization. The stone is a primordial element, predominant in many religion and quoted yet in many text of Bible and New Testament. The first twelve verses of twelfth chapter gospel of Mark, talk about “ Jesus cornerstone” or rather in architecture keystone,and in this rocks (there seems to be)the main the stone of foundation put on apex to give stability. Is a wedge-shaped stone, if they find some specimens in the neighbourhood of Vila Joyosa, Alicante. In 28 Isaia text, the stone is understood in five ways:
1- Tried stone
2- Cornerstone
3- Precious stone
4- A Foundation
5- Certainty of faith
But i’m  fantasizing a little more and considering that many of this rocks are in immediate of inlet and bay, you could go back to Viking, the northern population settled in the north of Spain, that come down of the Galicia, invaded and left the trace and symbol of own culture. Not for case the Viking term derive from the ancient norse word “vik”, that mean bay, inlet, and the Viking word mean “man who is from the bay”. Their legend and religion narrate of goddess, elves, fairies and troll. The latter in particular gave birth to numerous fantasy sagas, are described like gigantic, evil, rough and hairy creatures, they say that which when hit by the sun the troll become made of stone, but not in this case, seeing that the external beauty of these rocks from almost human shapes and by majestic and royal animals, make us travel inside their soul, made of rough, chalky stone and yet a magic beauty, to such an extent as to adapt and mold itself at human element, leaving the doubt of the human touch in the manipulation matter, that in the case of stone is alive, devoid of every kind of nihilism. Maybe is really this the big beauty that we can not find in ourself, which this rocks seems to suggest to find, the total absence of nihilism, an unattainable purity.

and i don’t forgot Baudelaire when in his poems Les Fleur du Mal said:

“La Nature est un temple où de vivants piliers
Laissent parfois sortir de confuses paroles ;
L’homme y passe à travers des forêts de symboles
Qui l’observent avec des regards familiers.”


Alessandra Minotti