Human being and Nature


“The link between nature, man and divine is perceived in strong way, communicates in alchemical level”


A  continuous work in progress, for this my project that see the link between man, nature and divine. Relationship in which i firmly believe., Nature in all his molds, is influenced by actions and thoughts of the human being. We have the pineal gland, the hypotalamus are conductors of energy and therefore are in connection with the earthly energies. The human being living with respect for nature can have many benefits from it. And then, as can sometimes act to rape her? Why he has no respect for the seas, for animals .why violent sea with drilling, or polluting oil and chemicals? Why kill animals  species in extinction? Not being grateful that how many positive things that nature can give him, to keep his mental and physical balance, allowing it to regenerate and recharge with positive energy, that help, to work, to love and interact optimally with others, and then think better .
The consequences are devastating … natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, extinct animals are perhaps the symptoms of the rebellion of the divine nature! I think so…
I can not solve all this.. I haven’t  the appropriate skills, I can not impose a thought, what for me is right, maybe for many others no. I can only tell you in words and pictures what it means for me, to live in contact with a natural environment and loving him, respecting it, without polluting it, at times to have the feeling of being in symbiosis  with it. I live at the sea, in an area where from the skyscrapers the nature peeps, in some areas where the surreal impact and the sourness  between wild and pristine sea and the modernity,  sometimes maybe a bit ‘too built is very strong. Not just the usual waterfront flat, but the sea and the mountains together, ups and downs, forests, naturist beaches, squirrels that running up and down from the trees below the house, almost on the beach and a nightlife not excessive during the year, with the exception of summer . But my relationship with nature will not feel so ‘strong only here in the area of Alicante, Spain … is a way of living and thinking, that make me feel good, a lifestyle that respect also in alimentation. So unable to bear more ‘chaos and pollution that have my hometown, Rome, one of the most’ beautiful city in the world, in 2014 my husband and me, decided to move here.
In this project there are images that I care much, some artwork have been made to tell of some endangered species such as the white polar bears, some are images taken in Africa, with the film, I have also other analogue  shots and  a film video of Africa,shooted in an area of Malindi, where at six o clock p.m is dark and there wasn’t electricity. And then the barter’s market and the Tsavo Park. As soon as I ‘time to go to Rome and , i will digitize it from my archives.  But also storytelling artwork and images taken of an earthquake that destroyed the city of L’Aquila and its province, were lives my mother and some friends .Some artwork, you found them also in the project that gave birth to the ebook “Vita Morte Vita  “made in collaboration with my friend and talented  poems writer Nives Nissi.

 Voltaire said: The men discuss the nature acts