By E6 to C 41″ Immaterial lightness of white” and others…



It is very important for me as photographer to have done this photographic project that can not be reproduced step by step, because despite being a mix between analog photography and digital art, born from the non-reproducibility of an E6 film developed in C41, and this is its  history, and the evolution of  how i started it in 1998/1999 .  I could make this artworks, because i had the opportunity to have a photolaboratory with machine for development and print, in Rome Italy.  Usually, this is a process that you couldn’t do, because is as revolutioning the rules of photography development(indeed two artwok of this series is titled so, Revolutioning Rules) and it is not recommended to develop a film shooted in  E6 type,  in C41 process development , because it is not his natural process and for the risk of polluting the color baths It is worth the risk just before changing the color baths. the characteristic after development is to get a negative (even if the film remains that of ‘E6 and this is almost surreal get the negativity of a positive ), very contrasted with the highly saturated colors, yet visible from the print,  which makes it difficult if not almost impossible to control the press balancing tones, In this case,after developed the E6  film in C41, i started to print  obtaining a tonal balance as i wanted, in the press, curated personally by me with my  Gretag with Zeiss optics that i had in the Lab.(i think it is possible to work it only in print machine for this kind of color balance) The results was difficult but amazing!as never before in analog I got a high color definition and surreal contrast. After some years, reviewieng negatives i thought that i would like create an Artwork, something different , because was been an unic and unusual experiment so, i scanned the images and then worked the artworks on the computer, without altering the image obtained by the press of analog, but built around the image a further narrative view .So i can resume this artwork is a shooting made in E6 developed and printed  in C41 and worked later in Digital Art and printed in Giclèe fine art print.  These artworks that I selected ,for this project (there are many others, never shown on the web)are a proof of the result of this experiment began in 1999(intentionally and not by mistake) with the analog and ended with the construction of the artworks in 2012, images of which still possess the negatives and I keep in my archive. 


“The immaterial lightness of white” has been exposed in:

Premio Art Caffè letterario, 2012 Art Caffè via Ostiense 95 from 5 till 18 ottobre Art Caffè Letterario Roma 

from 10 11 2014 al 22 12 2014


has been exposed in  Premio Art Abitart Hotel Design from 10 11 2013 till 22 12 2013  -Via P.Matteucci 10/20 Roma Italy


“Immaterial lightness of white” ( l’immateriale leggerezza del bianco)

has been selected in february 2015 and is apperaring in rotation with other artworks, on the screen of the Saatchi Gallery London.


Premio Art Abitart Hotel Design from  10 11 2013 till 22 12 2013 via P.Matteucci 10/20 Roma,Italia

“Frammenti di memorie”(dopo Auschwitz)

“Immaterial lightness of white” ( l’immateriale leggerezza del bianco)


2013 for 8 months “Immaterial lightness of white” ( l’immateriale leggerezza del bianco), “Frammenti di memorie”(dopo Auschwitz) has been exposed in Design Showroom ” First House” Via Chiana Roma Italy

Currently on sale on Saatchi Art